Agoura Math circle is a UCLA Math Satellite
- UCLA Math Circle
Agoura Math Circle Fall 2019 session will start on August 24, 2019. Register

Who We Are

The Agoura Math Circle is a student-run, nonprofit community service organization. Agoura Math Circle is a free educational program focusing on the problem-solving skills that lead students to success in both academics and the real world. More importantly, Agoura Math Circle gives students confidence and the skills to tackle any type of problem, academic or otherwise.Our goal is to create a strong foundation for kids to increase critical thinking and motivate kids to aim for top universities in a fun-filled environment.

Pranav Kalyan founded the Agoura Math Circle in September 2015. He is a freshman at UC Berkeley. Pranav has received Associates Degrees in Mathematics and in Natural Science from Moorpark College on May 2016. He received a letter of recognition from President Barack Obama regarding his work with fellow students as the founder of the Agoura Math Circle on Sep 30, 2016.

We are a free math program for students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade with 6 different levels (Junior Beginner, Junior Intermediate, Junior Advanced, Senior Beginner, Senior Intermediate and Senior Advanced). AMC's Fall 2019 session class will start August 24, 2019. We use our semester program to help our students to the best of our ability.

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Fall 2019

08/24/2019: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
09/07/2019: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
09/21/2019: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
10/05/2019: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
10/19/2019: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
11/02/2019: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
11/16/2019: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
12/07/2019: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
12/21/2019: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday) Final Exam


Spring 2020

01/11/2020: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
01/25/2020: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
02/08/2020: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
02/22/2020: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
03/07/2020: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
03/21/2020: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
04/04/2020: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
04/18/2020: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
05/02/2020: 1.30 - 5 pm (Saturday)
05/16/2020: 12.30 -430 pm (Saturday) Final Exam/AMC Fest 2020
May 16, 2019 Saturday - 12.30 PM to 4.30 PM
Willow Elementary School, MPR - Building

Agoura Math Circle Fall 2019 session will start in Augus 24th. For Exististing Student, Registration
will close Aug 15, 2019.

Agoura Math circle is a UCLA Math Satellite
- UCLA Math Circle

Pranav Receives Letter of Recognition from President Barack Obama...
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For Students

The Agoura Math Circle is looking for whoever is interested in problem-solving skills and improving their math skills. Register to Agoura Math Circle if you are interested.

For Volunteers

The AMC is looking for volunteers from interested middle and high school students. Contact us to join Agoura Math Circle volunteers program if you are interested.

For Donors

The Agoura Math Circle is a student run nonprofit,
tax exempt 501(c) organization and needs your help to maintain the various events that we hold.



Please make the payment to Agoura Math Circle using Credit Card. Our Tax ID: 81-1050140

Our Sponsors

Center AMC has 1 center.
Students AMC is serving more than 400 students
Volunteers More than 50 volunteers support.