About Irvine Chapter

The Agoura Math Circle Irvine Chapter is a student-run, nonprofit community service organization that branched away from the main AMC center in January of 2020. Agoura Math Circle is a free educational program focusing on problem-solving skills that lead students to success in both academics and in the real world. Agoura Math Circle gives students confidence and the skills to tackle any type of problem, academic or otherwise. We are a free math program for students ranging from kindergarten through 8th grade with 4 different levels currently(Junior Beginner, Junior Intermediate, Junior Advanced, Senior Beginner) and we plan to extend the levels as we progress through the years. This center was initiated by Hrishikesh Jayaraj and Jayaraj.

Irvine Team

Joshna Jude

Vice President

Joshna is currently studying Biological Sciences at UC Irvine. She hopes to pursue higher education in the research and medical fields. She has worked with Agoura Math Circle since her sophomore year in high school and hopes to continue helping children and youth become passionate about STEM

Hrishikesh Jayaraj

Vice President

Hrishikesh Jayaraj was a student at the Agoura Chapter for many years. He then decided to take a step further and had the initiative to start the Irvine chapter. His years as a student gave him more than enough experience to help him start this chapter.

Student Student Volunteers

Hrishikesh Jayaraj

Adharsh Prathap

Anisha Chitta

Guru Balakrishnan

Aryan Inamdar

Hasini Peyyala

Tharun Bala

Aashritha Mahen

Parent Volunteers Coordinator

Senthil- Junior Beginner

Preeti - Junior Intermediate

Gnanavizhi - Junior Advanced

Parent Volunteers

Barathi Sundram

Karthikeyan Sakthivel

Karthikeya Shanker

Ranjith Doraiswamy

Sankar Kuppusamy

Santhosh Kumar

Sen Mahen

Senthil Kumar Mani

Venugopal Kuppusamy

Jasmina Desai

Operational Team

Jayaraj - Operation Manager

Subashini - Administrator

Joshna Jude - Vice President

Preeti Grewal - Vice President